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Rio Grande Custom Framing Co offers a full-service framing experience. From your precious memories & irreplaceable family artifacts to those one-of-a-kind gallery & museum works, we will confidently guide you through your framing selection process to ensure the perfect presentation.

We Can Frame

· Art
· Architectural drawings
· Artifacts
· Bats & Balls
· Books
· Canvas
· Certificates
· Children’s Work
· Clothing
· Collectables
· Cross Stitches
· Diplomas
· Drawings
· Etchings
· Flags
· Giclees
· Glass
· Historic
· Jerseys
· Lithographs
· Maps
· Medals
· Memorabilia
· Mirrors
· Movie props
· Needlepoints
· Paintings
· Pennants
· Photographs
· Posters
· Puzzles
· Serigraphs
· Objects
· Quilts, Rugs
· Vintage
· Watercolors
· Works on Paper

Products and Services

We embrace old world framing techniques as well as the most state-of-the-art technologies to provide the most robust framing knowledge in order to suitably assess and treat each piece with the care and attention it deserves.

· Art Selection Service – Help with art or posters search
· Canvas Stretching
· Custom Glass – Including replacing broken glass
· Custom Cut Mats – Custom shapes, multiple openings
· Custom Cut Mirrors
· Custom Conservation Framing
· Dry Mounting
· Installation and Hanging Services
· Museum and Archival Materials
· Old and Fragile Pieces
· Oval and Circle Frames
· Picture and Art Lights
· Security Hanging Systems
· Shadow Box Framing
· Specialty Glass and Acrylics
· Stitching and Sewing

Open to the Public:

Our associates are happy to assist you frame your precious memories and other pieces. From children’s drawings, music sheets, event posters, jerseys or photographs, we can show you a selection of unique and creative ideas or to help you realize your vision to showcase your piece in the best possible light.  If you have something out of the ordinary we embrace the challenge!


Archival Museum Framing:

We offer a full complement of modern museum framing techniques to ensure the preservation and longevity of your works of art, using archival material, independently tested, and validated at the Getty Institute of Conservation and the U.S. Library of Congress. You can entrust your irreplaceable, priceless artifacts and Fine Art Pieces in our capable hands.

Designer and Decorator Framing Services: 

We collaborate directly with designers and decorators to assist you and your clientele while realizing your ideas.  Our associates can help with concepts and presentations to create a seamless transition between you and the client to implement your vision.  Trade pricing is available.

Gallery Framing:

Our associates work directly with leading fine art galleries to provide archival framing services while showcasing works for the gallery experience.   We work intimately with the gallery to frame consistently with your brand, offering assistance when needed, or enabling your vision to create an enjoyable viewing experience for your clients.   Trade pricing is available.

Artists Framing:

Rio Grande Custom Framing Co supports Art and Culture in the Pikes Peak region.  We enthusiastically welcome artists and will help advise and select appropriate framing to present your pieces as the masterpieces they are.  Artist’s pricing is available.

Installation and Hanging Services:

Installation services are available. We can deliver and hang most pieces to our Colorado Springs clientele. We are fully equipped to hang and install most art or framed objects on site.  Whether framed through us or acquired elsewhere, we can help display your works in the most optimal fashion for your enjoyment.  Mantle, grid, linear, collage wall – we can help, contact us today.  Available for residential or commercial.

Picture and Art Lights:

Contact us today to discuss your Art Light needs. Our associates are available to advise and acquire the perfect picture lights for your masterpieces. Do not neglect the last step in properly displaying your works of art.

Our staff works directly with the leaders in picture light technology to ensure your art pieces are properly illuminated with complimentary fixtures and proportionally appropriate sizing.

Custom Mirrors:

Add the extra touch to your home or commercial space with a custom framed mirror, tailored specifically for your exact dimensions and décor.   For dressing, powder rooms or general décor, a custom mirror allows you to accessorize with the frame or coordinate with other elements in your space.  Contact an associate today!

Frame by Appointment: 

Contact one of our associates today to set up an appointment for custom framing. We are open Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30-5:30 and no appointment is necessary.  However, for your peace of mind, we can set up an appointment during these hours for you to meet with a design specialist to assess framing for your pieces. We can also accommodate appointments out of our regular business hours, inquire today!

Why Custom Frame

Custom framing can be a daunting and intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here we will lay out the reasons to custom frame and the steps you will take to achieve the ideal framing for your pieces.

Achieve a Finished Look:  Oftentimes you will receive a gift or purchase a piece of art that isn’t quite finished. There is no wire or glass, you have loose paper, unstretched canvas, or a piece that was rolled and crinkled in transit. Custom framing can finish these subtle touches and make your work displayable.  Mounting and removing rolls or crinks will make a poster more enjoyable to the viewer. A tile on the wall has a free and natural look, but a shadowboxed tile with fabric matting, a complimentary frame, and under glass can look like a museum artifact on display. Explore various options with us to achieve a finished look.

Add Dimension:  Occasionally a collector or client will find the perfect piece for a space … if it was only a little bigger… Custom framing is a clever and creative way to add dimension to your cherished items, creating a larger visual footprint on the wall. Increasing the size can be accomplished through matting, liners, frames, double frames, or a combination of these options.


Add Your Own Personal Touch: Break free from the cookie cutter, spoon fed and unoriginal – be creative and unique while designing signature framed pieces exclusive to your collection. Your concepts can become a reality through custom framing.

Selection: Custom framing allows for a much larger and tailored selection to present your precious items. Commercially produced art and frames are limited in style, finish, size, and overall selection; they are also mass produced, making them common and uninteresting. A wide selection of custom frames allows you to better match your art, your décor, and your personal style.

Advice from a Professional:  You know what you like, and you collect what you love. But sometimes you are too close to be objective. Lean on our professional custom frame designers to advise and help direct you towards the perfect presentation. We will listen to your parameters and work with you, finding your aesthetic to showcase pieces and realize your vision.

Fit your Décor: One size does not fit all. You have your style and décor but pieces you discover and fall in love with aren’t always framed in a way that agrees with your sensibility. Through custom framing you can transition pieces into your curated spaces, reflecting your existing trends. It’s the designer look!

Odd Sizes:  You love what you love and that doesn’t always fit into a standard size. Panoramic, extremely vertical, odd proportions, and odd shapes – sometimes there is no other option to display your piece properly – custom framing is the answer.

Odd Spaces: Our homes and commercial spaces can create unique challenges with odd shaped walls, corridors, panels and transoms. Oftentimes these spaces are so prominent they are calling for a visual anchor. Custom framing affords you the ability to tailor a piece to fit your space while reflecting your personal style.

Protect and Preserve your Art: Family artifacts, precious heirlooms, historical documents, one-of-a-kind objects, fine art pieces, fragile or brittle significant paper pieces, and many more irreplaceable items call for preservation or Museum framing. Not only does the proper framing techniques and materials persevere your beloved pieces but they actually help to retard inherent acidity in your pieces to help stabilize and slow further degradation. Protect your pieces for future generations.

Custom Framing Process

1) Select a piece.
This is the easy part. You have something that needs framing. A poster, photo, gifted piece of art, symbolic receipt, that diploma, so many to choose from…
Once you’ve selected the piece you want to frame, it is time to reach out to Rio Grande Custom Framing Co.

Frame Shop Interior

2) Stop by the Frame Shop,
with your piece during our regular business hours, Tuesday- Saturday, from 9:30AM-5:30PM to work with a design specialist. To make an appointment to meet with a design specialist call (719)520-3972 or email. If you prefer to receive a quote prior to meeting a frame designer you are welcome to call or email with sizes and specifications. Our designers will work with you to find the best options to provide a quote.

3) Work with your design expert,
to find the perfect framing to present your piece. We will help to discover your personal style and present the piece as you envision, or we can offer options in a variety of aesthetics for you to select from.

4) Master framers will create your piece.
Once you’ve designed your framing with our consultant you will leave a 50% deposit and during the next 1-2 weeks our master framers will assemble and fit your piece. (Rush services are available).

5) We will call you as soon as your piece is completed.
You may come in at your convenience to view the final framed piece before picking up and paying your balance.

6) Hang your masterpiece!
Take your piece to its final destination and display it!

7) Enjoy!

If you’re not 100% happy with your order for any reason, let us know and we’ll make it right.
Phone: (719) 520-3972

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